The Online Casinos Offering The Best VIP Experience

If you’re looking for a VIP casino that really values its high rollers, our table below will help you find the best one for you.

Every one of the casinos we feature below recognise that those who make large deposits and play with high stakes are the customers they need to look after the most.

Each individual VIP casino will have its own ideas as to what a high roller looks like and how they should be rewarded. However, some of the most common rewards for the most loyal players include:

Deposit Match Bonuses

While most casinos offer regular deposit match bonuses to all of their customers, VIP casinos offer even better match deposit bonuses to their very best players. This allows them to get even more bang for their buck.

Faster Withdrawals

The biggest and most regular players at a casino will often benefit from priority withdrawals, giving them access to their cash quicker than a standard customer.

Higher Withdrawal Limits

Because high stakes often lead to high wins, VIP casinos tend to increase their maximum withdrawal amount. This means when a VIP punter wins big, they can withdraw the win quicker and easier than a normal customer.

Dedicated Account Managers

The best VIP casinos will assign dedicated account managers to each VIP customer. This gives the customer a point of contact for any problems or questions they have. It also means the account manager can help give tips as to the best promotions available to the player.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are often used by casinos to increase the loyalty of their players. However, VIP players can often earn points more quickly and redeem them for even better rewards.

VIP Events

Some casinos even hold real-life events and parties that only their very best VIP players are invited to. This level of exclusivity provides an extra edge to the relationship with the casino.


Some VIP casinos reward their best players with gifts such as trips abroad, gadgets, and cashback. Often these are linked to the player depositing or playing for a certain amount of time over a given period. Occasionally, they are simply given as a thank you without any play requirements.


High rollers can often enter exclusive competitions to win prizes such as holidays, technology, or even cash. These are usually designed to encourage the competitive nature of many VIP players and can be linked to making large deposits or playing with for high stakes.

Claim What You Deserve As A VIP Player

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits available at VIP casinos, but you have to be part of an exclusive group to reap the rewards.

If you regularly make large deposits and play with large stakes, finding a good VIP casino isn’t just a nicety, it’s an essential part of maximizing your experience.

Choose one of our top-rated VIP casinos from the table below and start benefitting from the rewards you deserve to get!

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We rank the best VIP casinos based on the type, and value, of the rewards they give their best players so you always get the best value for money.



We look at the level of support VIP players get at each casino and whether there are dedicated account managers available for the high rollers.



Many VIP casinos offer better withdrawal terms for those who make larger deposits. We take this into account when deciding which casinos to feature.

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