The Best Online Blackjack Sites

Blackjack is one of the simplest games to play online, but that doesn’t mean all the sites offer the same experience when playing. The software on some online blackjack tables are far superior to others, and therefore provide you with a really smooth and effortless experience.

Blackjack is one of those games which transfers seamlessly to the online world. With the game being such an easy game to play, requesting a new card or standing on your cards is even easier to do online than it is offline.

But even though it’s an easy game to pick up and play, it’s not an easy game to master, and that’s what makes blackjack so exciting. Even though you’re only trying to get as near to 21 as possible, there are dozens of ways you should play so you have the best chance of winning.

Playing the perfect strategy means the house edge when playing blackjack is a meagre 0.5%, so it’s important to learn that before you play. In fact, we have a fully comprehensive, yet concise, blackjack guide for you to read through.

Since the emergence of blackjack online, many variants of the traditional format have sprouted up. Here are just a few:

  • BLACKJACK SWITCH – A variant where you play two hands at once and have the ability to swap the top cards between the pair
  • LUCKY 7 BLACKJACK – Lucky 7 blackjack is where you can place a small side bet on the chance that you’d get a 7 on the first card you’re dealt
  • 21 BURN BLACKJACK – With this variant, you are able to ‘burn’ your top card and swap it for another random card by sacrificing half your stake
  • SPANISH BLACKJACK – Spanish blackjack is very similar traditional blackjack but the dealer is able to hit on a soft 17 plus the player always wins when they get to 21
  • BLACKJACK DOUBLE EXPOSURE – Double exposure blackjack is where the dealer’s cards are dealt face up in the initial deal so you can see what you’re up against

The game of blackjack dates as far back as the first gambling houses in Europe in the 17th century, so it must be doing something right to still be as successful as it is today.

Blackjack provided the backdrop to many cinematic classics like Rain Man, Casino and 21, and throughout its illustrious history has been played by every class of society. Its simplicity and its subtlety has made this game a creation of absolute genius, and though in the internet age there have been some superb variants that have popped up, nothing rivals the traditional magnificence that blackjack provides.

With so many online casinos out there offering tonnes of blackjack games with differing graphics, usability and variants, it’s hard to choose which site is best to use, that’s why, as blackjack lovers ourselves, we’ve spent time to find the best and most enjoyable places to play blackjack online.

Check the Circle’s table below for the best Blackjack casinos out there.

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House Edge

House Edge

The house has an edge of 0.5% in traditional Blackjack. The reason for the house edge in Blackjack is because one of the dealer’s cards is not exposed and players must make decisions based on intuition and faith, and therefore can go bust before even knowing what cards they need to beat.

Betting Options

Betting Options

Blackjack has many different betting options. You can double down, split your two cards, or take out insurance. All the betting options are explained in-depth on our Blackjack strategy page. Most online Blackjack tables have mini-games available which you can play in-game.

Betting Odds

Betting Odds

Winning a simple hand pays out 1-1 and hitting a Blackjack often pays out 3-2, though not all tables are the same so it’s worth checking out the odds while on the table. The breakdown of the mini-games odds are explained within the game and you can choose whether to play them or not.

Disclaimer: Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to check your local regulations before gambling online. Only players over 18 years old can register at online casinos. Playing online casinos, slots or bingo should remain a form of entertainment.

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